October Nonprofit Spotlight

Committee of Seventy

In honor of the upcoming election, we have selected the Committee of Seventy for October’s Nonprofit Spotlight!

Who They Are:

We’re the Committee of Seventy, and we’re champions of local democracy. We’re 116 years old, and we believe that when more people vote, and are better informed, democracy wins. Since 1904, we have led the effort in Philadelphia (and now, beyond the city and across the Commonwealth) to make our government more representative, transparent, and accountable. We have been — and continue to be — nonpartisan civic leaders. Together with our partners, we’re here to provide citizens with everything they need to vote in 2020, and every year after.

What kind of support does Committee of Seventy need the most right now?

The Committee of Seventy needs people to use and share our resources! WeVote is a statewide campaign that prepares and supports organizations and businesses, civic leaders, and elected officials across Pennsylvania to promote a culture of voting in their communities – and make their vote count in 2020. Any community is eligible to join as a partner at wevote.seventy.org, and that site features our voter guide and ballot tool, too.

We will always need a strong membership base. C70 Members get additional programming opportunities and information, and their contributions support our ability to do our work each year. To join, visit seventy.org/membership.

What is one thing you wish people knew about Committee of Seventy that they may not?

That our voter education tools are now statewide! People know us as a trusted resource in Philadelphia, but we’ve recently expanded our resources to cover the collar counties, and now the whole state. Anyone in the commonwealth can type their address into seventy.org and evaluate the options that will be on their specific ballot. It is a great way to get smart before heading to the polls or completing your ballot at home.

What is the most unique donation Committee of Seventy has received?

The most unique donation the Committee of Seventy has received has to be the dozens and dozens of historic campaign memorabilia that decorates our headquarters at 123 S. Broad Street. The collection features campaign posters and buttons from winners and losers, both national and local, going back decades.

For more information, feel free to visit their websites: www.seventy.org; wevote.seventy.org.