Pennsylvania requires certain organizations (including nonprofits) to file a Decennial Report every 10 years in years ending with the numeral “1” (e.g., 2001, 2011, 2021), unless the nonprofit has, during that 10-year period, filed another report with the state. If a nonprofit fails to file a required Decennial Report, it continues to exist, but its name and marks become available for any other organization registering to do business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

A simple and inexpensive (or even free) way to avoid the Decennial Report filing requirement (and the $70 filing fee) is to file with the PA Dept. of State, prior to December 31, 2020, either: (1) an Annual Statement updating the organization’s principal officers (no fee), or (2) if needed, a change of registered office form ($5 fee). Each of these forms is easy to complete and can be filed online through PENNFile, the Dept. of State’s online filing system, at

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