March Nonprofit Spotlight


In honor of Women’s History Month, we have selected WOMEN’S WAY as March’s Nonprofit Spotlight!

Who They Are:

WOMEN’S WAY is the Greater Philadelphia region’s leading nonprofit focused on women, girls, and advancing gender equity. It was founded in 1977 as the nation’s first “umbrella” funding federation specifically dedicated to women’s issues. WOMEN’S WAY’s approach to philanthropy is focus on the immediate needs of direct service organizations serving women and girls through the Immediate Response Action Fund (grants awarded in 10 business days, the fastest in our region) and on long-term systems level change through the Women’s Economic Security Initiative. One of our most recent programs is WESI’s Change the Narrative Fellowship Program which seeks to change the predominant narrative by using a women-led, bottom-up, intersectional approach that focuses on the voices and stories of diverse women with lived experiences of poverty.

What kind of support does WOMEN’S WAY need the most right now?

WOMEN’S WAY’s response to COVID-19 was to provide two-year, general operating fund grants to stabilize organizations in crisis and well as help them return to financial stability with a second year of guaranteed funding. We prioritized organizations led by women of color with budgets under $500,000 because less than 1% of philanthropy invests in nonprofit organizations led by women of color. With the second round of funding coming due, we still need to raise the dollars to distribute to these worthwhile organizations. Any donations to continue to build the Rapid Response General Operating Fund would be greatly appreciated! There are other ways to get involved as well – like, share, and follow us on social media, sponsor an event, or learn more about serving on a WOMEN’S WAY Committee.

What is one thing you wish people knew about WOMEN’S WAY that they may not?

WOMEN’S WAY was the first “umbrella” funding federation in the United States specifically dedicated to women’s issues.

What is the most unique donation WOMEN’S WAY has received?

As part of an auction, a person donated a chance to ride the Zamboni at the Flyers game, to clean the ice.

For more information, feel free to visit their website: