September Nonprofit Spotlight

Minding Your Mind

Minding Your Mind has been selected for September’s Nonprofit Spotlight!

Who They Are:

Minding Your Mind’s primary objective is to provide mental health education to adolescents, teens, and young adults, their parents, teachers, and school administrators. Their goal is to reduce the stigma and destructive behaviors often associated with mental health issues. Treatment is available, yet only 3 out of 10 individuals needing help actually seek help. MYM programs move away from crisis-based response to prevention through education.

MYM’s educational programs provide information regarding signs and symptoms of mental health issues, in addition to stressing that they are treatable and treatment is available. Mood disorders have been identified by the World Health Organization as the third leading cause of disability worldwide. Research studies have demonstrated that over 90% of people that die from suicide have one or more psychiatric disorders at the time of their death. The second leading cause of death of individuals between the ages of 14-23 is suicide. Since the age of onset of most psychiatric disorders is typically during adolescence, it is essential that the proper information be brought to the attention of secondary school educators, counselors, students, and their parents.

MYM offers programs for students, age K-college, their parents, teachers, and the community at large.

What kind of support does MYM need the most right now?

MYM’s greatest need is funding. They do not charge schools a set fee for their programs and they will not turn a school away for lack of funds. They rely on the generosity of foundations, individuals, and corporations to underwrite the cost of their programs.

What is one thing you wish people knew about MYM that they may not?

MYM has grown from completing 30 presentations in their first year (2007) to providing 1,400 programs during the 2020-2021 school year. All of their growth has been through word of mouth and testimonials.

What is the most unique donation MYM has received?

Their most unique donation has been from the Philadelphia Phillies offering MYM a suite and tickets to multiple games over the years to share with their community of supporters.

For more information, feel free to visit their website: