February Nonprofit Spotlight
Bread & Roses Community Fund

Bread & Roses Community Fund has been selected for February’s Nonprofit Spotlight!

Who They Are:
Bread & Roses Community Fund is the Philadelphia region’s social justice fund and leading funder of grassroots organizing for racial, social, and economic justice. Their slogan is, “Change, not charity,” because their goal is radical transformation of society.

Since 1977, Bread & Roses has been connecting donors and organizers to move money into grassroots organizing by communities of color and across the region. They also provide training and technical support to movements for change, and work to build community across differences of race and class. Every year, they raise from the community every dollar that is given out, and the community decides where that money goes. Bread & Roses is guided by the communities they serve, and are some of the only people serving them in this way.

What kind of support does the Bread & Roses Community Fund need the most right now?
Their grants are funded by donors who give money to support local organizing, so financial support is needed most right now. They welcome donations in many forms, including online gifts, checks and money orders, stock transfers, ACH/EFT, and more. They also welcome new monthly donors, whose gifts sustain their work throughout the year.

What is one thing you wish people knew about the Bread & Roses Community Fund that they may not?
Grant decisions are made differently than most funders. All decisions about where the grant money goes are made by members of the community. Bread & Roses believes it is the people doing the work, and who are impacted by injustice, know best where the money needs to go.

What is the most unique donation that the Bread & Roses Community Fund has received?
In 2020, they received the gift of a cookbook that was found at a flea market. The cookbook was published as a fundraiser by their predecessor organization, The People’s Fund, in 1976! Luckily, the people who found the cookbook were archivists – they scanned the whole book and made it available for free online.

For more information, please visit their website: breadrosesfund.org.