May Nonprofit Spotlight
Black Girls Love Math

Black Girls Love Math has been selected for May’s Nonprofit Spotlight!

Who They Are:

Founded in 2020, Black Girls Love Math’s purpose is to elevate the role Black girls play in math careers. Supporting girls from Kindergarten to college, Black Girls Love Math (BGLM) addresses racial and gender inequity in math. Through culturally responsive teaching practices, they cultivate a positive math identity for their girls. BGLM uses a research-based approach to create a fun, encouraging, and culturally conscious space for Black girls to explore and discover math. They partner with schools and community organizations to provide after school programming twice weekly for 24 weeks and also offer Saturday Slam programming opportunities to the greater community to scale their impact. The safe space created by BGLM pushes the girls to “nerd-out” about mathematical concepts and participate in cooperative competitions, career mentoring, and deep mathematical inquiry while also supporting persistence, positive math identity, and collaboration. At the end of each semester, the girls participate in Social Justice Math collaborative competitions and She-Ro projects where they use their new skills to be applied directly to support their community and future careers. The girls will use their new math superpowers as a tool for community engagement and social justice.

What kind of support does BGLM need the most right now?

BGLM needs partners and funders to join them in this larger movement to meet their mission of bringing educational equity to black girls across Philadelphia. Policymakers that partner with them have a supporter for their educational promises. Business owners can invest in their future talent by investing in the BGLM community. Individuals can stand in their fearless community by providing their support.

What is one thing you wish people knew about BGLM that they may not?

BGLM wishes that more people knew that they also develop teachers and can support classrooms that want to amplify their impact.

What is the most unique donation that BGLM has received?

BGLM’s most unique donation to date has been virtual volunteering from an Ed Tech company to help analyze their impact data.

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