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September Nonprofit Spotlight: Minding Your Mind

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September Nonprofit Spotlight Minding Your Mind Minding Your Mind has been selected for September's Nonprofit Spotlight! Who They Are: Minding Your Mind’s primary objective is to provide mental health education to adolescents, teens, and young adults, their parents, teachers, and school administrators. Their goal is to reduce the stigma and destructive behaviors often associated

July Nonprofit Spotlight: Settlement Music School

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July Nonprofit Spotlight Settlement Music School Settlement Music School has been selected for July's Nonprofit Spotlight! Who They Are: For more than 110 years, Settlement Music School has provided the Greater Philadelphia region with the highest quality education in music, dance, and the creative arts. They are one of the oldest and largest community

June Nonprofit Spotlight: The Attic Youth Center

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June Nonprofit Spotlight The Attic Youth Center In honor of Pride Month, we have selected The Attic Youth Center for June's Nonprofit Spotlight! Who They Are: The Attic Youth Center is Philadelphia’s only organization exclusively dedicated to LGBTQ youth and has served over 20,000 individuals in nearly 30 years of existence. Their mission is

May Nonprofit Spotlight: Asian Americans United

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May Nonprofit Spotlight Asian Americans United In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we have selected the Asian Americans United for May's Nonprofit Spotlight! Who They Are: Asian Americans United exists so that people of Asian ancestry in Philadelphia exercise leadership to build their communities and unite to challenge oppression. AAU was

April Nonprofit Spotlight: Philadelphia Children’s Alliance

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April Nonprofit Spotlight Philadelphia Children's Alliance As April is Child Abuse Prevention month, we have selected Philadelphia Children's Alliance as April's Nonprofit Spotlight! Who They Are: The Philadelphia Children’s Alliance is an independent non-profit organization that promotes healing and justice for sexually abused children in Philadelphia. Using a multidisciplinary approach, they collaborate with their

March Nonprofit Spotlight: WOMEN’S WAY

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March Nonprofit Spotlight WOMEN'S WAY In honor of Women's History Month, we have selected WOMEN'S WAY as March's Nonprofit Spotlight! Who They Are: WOMEN’S WAY is the Greater Philadelphia region’s leading nonprofit focused on women, girls, and advancing gender equity. It was founded in 1977 as the nation’s first “umbrella” funding federation specifically dedicated

February Nonprofit Spotlight: African American Museum in Philadelphia

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February Nonprofit Spotlight African American Museum in Philadelphia In honor of Black History Month, we have selected African American Museum in Philadelphia as February's Nonprofit Spotlight! Who They Are: The African American Museum in Philadelphia (AAMP) brings diverse communities together in greater appreciation of the Black experience through the combined narrative of art, culture

January Nonprofit Spotlight: Pathways to Housing PA

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January Nonprofit Spotlight Pathways to Housing PA As January is about new beginnings, we have selected Pathways to Housing PA (a nonprofit that helps people reclaim their lives and start over) for January's Nonprofit Spotlight! Who They Are: Pathways to Housing PA empowers people with disabilities to improve their housing stability, achieve better health,

December Nonprofit Spotlight: Holiday Express

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December Nonprofit Spotlight Holiday Express As everyone can use some extra holiday cheer this year, we have selected Holiday Express for December's Nonprofit Spotlight! Who They Are: It is the mission of Holiday Express to deliver music, food, gifts, financial support and friendship to those with the greatest need for the gift of human

November Nonprofit Spotlight: MANNA

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November Nonprofit Spotlight MANNA As a reminder to order your annual Thanksgiving pie, we have selected MANNA for November's Nonprofit Spotlight! Who They Are: MANNA uses nutrition to improve health for people with serious illnesses who need nourishment to heal. By providing medically tailored meals and nutrition education, we empower people to improve their